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Our web shop is open for our partners to sell their products, free of commission

Signing up as a partner means you have a place in our circular shop to sell your products. As an UNMAKERY partner your brand becomes part of the effort to transition to a waste-free economy.

FREE for all our partners.

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PRE-LAUNCH OFFER: Sign up during pre-launch and get 6 months FREE starting on our launch date*

Be a part of your customers' journey as they engage in the second-hand market. We open a communication channel between your brand and customers reselling your branded goods. Take the opportunity to show your latest offering, promote your ongoing campaign(s) and engage with feedback about your brand.

*no strings attached. €15 per month after the deal ends

On the Computer


Extend your brand beyond the product and generate revenue.

Offer your customers repair, refurbishing, repurposing and/or recycling services. Earn revenue every time customers use our network of providers. You also get everything on RECONNECT & RETAIN plus the chance to engage with ANY customer reselling goods in your chosen category​.

€35 per month starting on launch date

Bicycle Repair Shop


Our entire service suite embedding circularity in your brand experience.

Add the UNMAKERY Circular Label to your product and take full ownership of its lifecycle value. Our labelling technology ensures a share of the recommerce revenue flows to your brand while we customise the offering at every step to fit your brand's circular journey.

Custom offer



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Purchase Intention

Consumers are now more than ever conscious of global issues and look to engage with initiatives that help change their consumption habits. They are nevertheless continuing to consume goods and services, only now they look for brands and sellers that align with their new world outlook while rejecting the status quo. UNMAKERY aligns your business with a new emerging consumer.


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